My dream is expensive. Really expensive. I recognize that we have more than enough to live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives and that not only are all our needs met, the vast majority of our wants are also met. Except for this one really big want – a barn. And when I say a barn what I really mean is an indoor riding arena. I recognize that this is a pretty extreme and ridiculous want, that in terms of resource usage an indoor riding arena for one person to use is ludicrous. I know this. I still want it. Horses, riding horses, raising horses, some version of this, has been my dream since I was very little – but I hate the outdoors. I hate being hot, I hate being cold, I hate being wet, I hate being muddy, and above all things I hate bugs – HATE BUGS. Being outside is the worst. I am an indoor cat with an outdoor hobby. Having an indoor riding arena is how I reconcile my love of horses and riding with my extreme dislike of the outdoors. Is it practical – no. Is it necessary – no. But it is my dream so that is what we’re aiming for and we’ve given up a lot of other wants in pursuit of this one giant want.

I am pretty frustrated with the current state of our economy, prices, inflation, etc. because in the summer of 2019 the price for my dream was X and now it is literally five times as expensive (that would be 5X if you are setting up an equation). I have had three builders tell me not to build this arena now because it simply is not worth it. (Yet these builders are also scheduled out almost a year in advance, so clearly SOMEONE is building these buildings at these outrageous prices – who are these people?! Why won’t they share their money, clearly they have enough!). What this means is I’m going to be grousing about money in some of these posts – but know that I know that I’m not actually in any sort of financial hardship. I know that I am lucky beyond words to be in the position I am – that I have any chance of all at going after this dream in any way at all is a huge privilege and I am truly grateful – though I might not always sound that way.