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we are all here

The last two weeks have been just ridiculous for lots of reasons, all of which will eventually make their way into various blog posts, but for now here is a very quick update.

The new horse (her previous owner called her Highlight which I don’t love but I haven’t found a different name I like better) arrived safely on Wednesday, October 18.

Juniper had two back-to-back medical emergencies right before Highlight got here. Saturday October 14 she had an impaction colic which then led to a sand colic on Monday night which led to an emergency dental and two pulled molars on Wednesday. Yes, the same Wednesday Highlight arrived.

Many things we needed to do in preparation for the re-arrival of horses on the property with incorporation of the (mostly finished phase 1) barn needed to wait until the famer harvested the soybeans and that of course timed out that same weekend so we have been frantically trying to do a million things at once plus a bunch of totally unplanned things because of Juniper’s colic and teeth issues. 

Everyone is currently alive but both Juniper and Highlight are testing my patience in their own unique ways; as is the electric fence.

Full updates on everything coming soon.


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