Keep On Keeping On

one foot in front of the other

Another week has come and gone. The coming spring and summer are very double-edged this year. Normally I can’t wait to be done with spring semester and moving into the few weeks of summer when I feel like I am in control (which is always a joke, but every year I think “this summer will be different”). Now I want this spring semester to take as long as possible because I really don’t want to go back to my normal day job. This has paradoxically made me feel crappy lately because it feels like I’m stuck in a very long Sunday night funk, which is not helpful. I should be enjoying the hell out of this last month of my sabbatical. Of course part of that is the pressure to actually finish the things I need to do for said sabbatical. Shocker, I have been procrastinating. A quick aside – a few years ago I did my first round of textbook reviewing and they only give you two or three days to go through this whole chapter and unfortunately it happened to coincide with a conference I was going to so every free moment at the conference involved me sitting with my laptop somewhere going through the book pages and I got a lot of sympathy from my fellow conference goers. However one of them asked, with no malice, if I had had an entire month or even a week to get it done would I have actually worked on it over that entire time or it would have always been just two or three days to get it done? When I thought about it the answer was – no, I would not have worked on it the entire time, I still would have waited and only had two or three days to get it done. Procrastination has been and will always be an issue for me – though I am coming to terms with it. For example, I still have three whole weeks before my last two papers are due so I’m not *as* bad as I used to be. Or rather I have the potential to be better, I haven’t actually done anything for them yet…

Speaking of conferences I will be at a conference this Saturday through Tuesday so there will not be a Monday blog post this week. I have been trying really hard to get something posted every Monday and Friday, though they are getting done later and later in the day and I missed one last week entirely. I’m still not entirely sure what the purpose of this blog is and I’m not sure posting twice a week is something I need to be putting my energy towards. However, if I wait until I have “something important/entertaining to say” then I will never actually post anything. Some of the posts that people seem to enjoy the most, or comment on the most, are the ones that were last minute pieces that I viewed as just filler to take up the space but clearly they held value for people. So for now I will keep on, keeping on. Who knows, maybe I can get some work done on those papers while at the conference and free of the many distractions of home, and then I will be able to enjoy the end of my sabbatical more completely.

Spring is coming

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