Challenge Accepted

okay spring, any day now

Mother nature apparently read my last post and decided to test my “snow is better than bugs” resolve. I still don’t mind the snow and lower temperatures, I am however done with the wind and the drifts that keep closing paths that were open just a few hours ago. I know we don’t live on the true great plains and that we only have a taste of the wind and drifts they have to deal with, but our location definitely tries its best to live up to the great plains wind standard.

We have managed to not blanket either Leeoo or Juniper at all this winter. However they are starting to shed because that process is dictated by the amount of light not the temperature, and we’re in for a week of below average temps, so I’m watching them closely again just in case. Hoping we can make it to spring without a blanket. It would help if they would bother to go in the f*ing shelters!

This photo was taken about 45 minutes after we had finished morning chores when the shelters were still clean (relatively) and fully stocked with hay. But no, apparently being reasonably warm and dry isn’t that important and they’d rather be out in the blowing snow. I do not understand.

While Leeloo and Juniper were out in the snow, Nate and I were finishing our taxes. We ended up having a much bigger refund coming than I would like. A big refund means we gave the government an interest free loan for the year and I hate that. If I owe them money I have to pay a fine, if they owe me money I’m just supposed to be happy about it. Ideally I’d like to get a refund of around $100; that amount wouldn’t have earned much interest anyway and it feels like a happy little surprise too much more than that annoys me. Regardless, getting money back in any amount is still better than the two years we owed a bunch and had to pay the aforementioned fines.

Having our taxes done takes one big thing off our to-do list but there are still so many more things on that list. My goal for this week is to try to get back to my previous levels of productivity. I have been really struggling with doing pretty much anything that is even in the neighborhood of adulting or being productive for the last few weeks. Or rather – I have a far more limited window of willingness than in the past, but my to-do list hasn’t gotten shorter, and I need to fix one of those things. Nate’s vote is less to-do list.

Now on to said list. Maybe today I’ll get an extra 30 minutes of productivity in – that would be a start at least.

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